Phadima at present is the Corporate Brand and has its own brand value which has been created over the last (10)ten years by its interaction in the property industry. In 2001 Rali Mampeuleworked for Chas Everitt Sandton as an Estate agent and in 2004 he launched his own real estate franchise namely, Chas Everitt Midrand.

Through the application of the team knowledge and experience within the property industry, Chas Everitt Midrand in its first year had a turnover of R 100 million and was in the top five of 76 franchises of Chas Everitt International Property Group. March 2005, Sam von Eck joined Phadima Group Holdings with a background - researcher CSIR - Housing and affordable housing, he studied at Harvard - MGMT Consultancy and Turnaround Strategy. In 2006 Rali Mampeule was awarded the Nedbank Property Professional of the Year.

During this period Phadima also diversified into the business of property services, property development, Real Estate Media, Property fund and the Bond Origination industry. This resulted in the establishment of Phadima Property Developments in June 2005,Lusa Phadima Media, Phadima Property Fund, Chas Everitt Midrand and Anchor Bond.In 2005 Phadima decided to focus on providing fully integrated property services, which offers a full range of commercial, industrial,retail and residential property.

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